GRP handrails are low maintenance (Wed 30th August 2017) - One of the biggest advantages Core6 GRP handrails have over steel products is their very low maintenance requirements. This translates into cost savings in the long run and much fewer disruptions to operations.
Accurate designs are essential for safety (Sat 19th August 2017) - Good design is essential to maximise health and safety and cut the risk of injuries occurring. This is a true fact of every single product but is even more important when it comes to stairs, walkways, handrails, and grating. If any of the measurements are even slightly out it could result in falls and injuries.
GRP cut to size with precision (Tue 8th August 2017) - The properties of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) make it a fantastic alternative to a wide array of materials. Although it is the durability, light weight and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion resistance that make it stand out, the ease of machinability is also a major benefit. In fact composites are far more versatile to […]
Why should I use a composite? (Thu 27th July 2017) - Composite profiles are a very popular alternative to traditional materials such as concrete, steel, timber, and aluminium. The reason for this is that composites can provide a myriad of useful characteristics and overcome a number of the downsides of these other construction materials. For example a composite may be as strong and durable as steel […]
The value of composite handrails (Mon 17th July 2017) - Handrails are essential for maximising safety in countless settings, from stairwells to mezzanines and platforms. Each one should be designed to suit the setting, ensuring it is strong, durable, and capable of dealing with the specific load placed on it.
GRP or anti-slip painting? (Fri 7th July 2017) - In various settings sure footing is absolutely crucial to maximising safety. It becomes tougher to keep slip hazards to a minimum in tricky locations such as offshore, outdoors, and in areas where a lot of moisture is present though. The solution to the problem is to use anti-slip materials to give surfaces more traction and […]
Bespoke GRP walkways for use in various settings (Fri 9th June 2017) - Core-6 GRP is great for walkways because it is slip-resistant, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. It is suitable for use internally and externally, performing to the highest standard in each location. As a result the structures can be used in a wide array of different settings including in the oil and gas industry […]
Rail Live – June 21-22 2017 (Tue 6th June 2017) - In May CORE-6 teamed up with the RailAlliance and shared their ‘sector’ at Railtex trade show at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre.  This was the first time JBP Ltd have exhibited a rail-orientated exhibition and due to the interest in our CORE-6 range of composites JBP have chosen to join forces again with the RailAlliance by […]