Core6 High Performance Products

Core6 is the premium GRP product from John Bell Pipeline. Their reputation, experience and knowledge ensure you the best in walkway, platform grating, stair tread covers and composite handrail solutions.

COVID-19 Update

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The Element For Industry

‘Why Core6’ the 6th element? The capabilities of Core6 GRP has elevated this product to an essential component in most areas of construction. The essence of life is made up of five elements that interact – fire, wood, earth, water, metal – Core6 is the sixth element at the core of industrial life.

Why choose Core6 GRP?

Traditionally, steel and aluminium would have been used, however with the demand for weight saving, ease of handling and site fixing, as well as erosion resistance in critical environments has demanded a better material, Core6 GRP is it.

  • National Coverage
  • 40 years of trading
  • In excess of £1M of UK stocks
  • Specialist support
  • Design, detailed drawings and fabrication services

Today the product has become a core element in many areas of construction, structural, walkway, building & surface cover applications.

Where to use Core6 GRP

There are many settings where customers are demanding Core6 GRP for its incredible performance in industrial applications both Offshore, on Marina’s, in Factories and Architectural settings where in addition to its core benefits it is being used for its aesthetic appeal.