Civil & Construction

Construction covers a wide variety of industry sectors.  From large infrastructure to small one-off projects in commercial, industrial, private and general construction.  Health & Safety controls matter and the key driver across every sector is to reduce risks and provide a better, safer working environment.

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Core-6 offer many advantages in the construction sector by providing strong, lightweight GRP composite solutions. GRP grating has one of the highest degrees of slip-resistance measured for walking surfaces. Making composites the material of choice for industrial walkways and mezzanine flooring, reducing the risk of slips and trips.

On multi-storey buildings where utilities travel between floors, GRP grating void covers provide a safe temporary or permanent solution for essential riser services. The product is not only lightweight and easy to fabricate, it can be re-shaped on site with simple hand tools reducing installation time and labour costs.

Introducing GRP to construction has enabled the industry to develop structural alternatives to steel. Our GRP range has grown and evolved over time to include beam, channel, angle, box section, kick plate, ladder rung, handrail tube and handrail fittings in addition to our comprehensive grating stock.

Warm to the touch, lightweight, corrosion resistant and non-conductive GRP offers key benefits to the construction industry

Our offering to this sector:

Riser Gratings (1)

  • Anti-slip composite grating
  • Tread cover plates, nosing and gritted sheets
  • Access ladders
  • Handrail systems
  • Trench liners
  • Design and fabrication services

Locations where composite are used:

  • Building utility risers
  • Rooftop access walkways
  • Handrail systems
  • Access stairways, stepovers & platforms
  • Trench, drain & sump covers
  • Temporary maintenance systems


Case Studies

Kenton Station, North London (Tue 4th April 2017) - This station refurbishment required a new set of dagger-boards to replace the old rotten wood daggers that were past their best.
Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge Decking (Tue 4th April 2017) - Middlesbrough Borough Council order came to us through SBV Fabrications ltd in Middlesbrough. This prestigious and high profile project was National Lottery funded. The Middlesbrough Transporter Bridge is one of the North East of England’s most iconic landmarks.  
Core6 GRP is a great alternative to steel for walkways (Fri 17th March 2017) - Open grated walkways are utilised in a wide array of settings. They are designed to prevent water from pooling and to provide a safe surface for people to walk on. Walkways must be sturdy, corrosion resistant, and slip-resistant to prevent accidents.
Core6 GRP offers H&S benefits in different settings (Mon 27th February 2017) - Regardless of the market, whether it is oil and gas, rail, construction, or industrial and processing, there are always health and safety (H&S) requirements to meet. Every workplace should be safe for employees to inhabit at all times, keeping the risks to an absolute minimum.