Oil & Gas

Traditional metallic gratings, structures etc. have a tendency to corrode in this harsh environment and because of this they do not offer a long lasting solution offshore. For over 40 years composites have been the alternative product of choice in the O&G sector. These have been successfully used for access gratings, ladders, hand railing and structures primarily to reduce topsides weight and to provide a long maintenance free service. There are many other benefits of using composites offshore; these are safety, structural and fire integrity.

Our combined proven composite material solutions & engineering services will save you time and money offshore.

Our offering to this sector

  • US Coastguard/ABS and DNV approved composite gratings
  • Impact-tested gratings for sub-sea manifold protection structures
  • Fire-retardant phenolic resin gratings
  • Full design and build of bespoke access platform solution’s

Locations where composites are used

  • General access walkways
  • Crane-boom walkways
  • Moon-pool & mud-pit locations
  • Wave/splash-zone access areas
  • Shipping baskets
  • Manifold impact protection structures

Case Studies

Why choose non-conducting composite fencing and gates? (Wed 4th October 2017) - Core6 Composites has become a market leader in high quality GRP Products. Thanks to our reputation, knowledge, and design solutions, we ensure that our clients are provided with the right product and solution for their required application. Within our comprehensive range we have GRP floor grating in many different finishes and mesh configurations, stair systems, […]
Core6 GRP is a great alternative to steel for walkways (Fri 17th March 2017) - Open grated walkways are utilised in a wide array of settings. They are designed to prevent water from pooling and to provide a safe surface for people to walk on. Walkways must be sturdy, corrosion resistant, and slip-resistant to prevent accidents.
Why is Core-6 GRP excellent for marine applications? (Mon 6th March 2017) - Marine applications create a wide array of challenges for construction materials. The salt air can cause corrosion resulting in accelerated wear on anything that is not highly resistant. In addition the moisture can make surfaces slippery creating potential accident areas.  Weight can also be an issue in dockside and offshore settings and Core-6 offer materials […]
Core6 GRP offers H&S benefits in different settings (Mon 27th February 2017) - Regardless of the market, whether it is oil and gas, rail, construction, or industrial and processing, there are always health and safety (H&S) requirements to meet. Every workplace should be safe for employees to inhabit at all times, keeping the risks to an absolute minimum.
Francis Brown Ltd (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Oil & Gas Application: Green Core6 moulded GRP grating on Oil and Gas industry on a LAR (Launch and Recovery) system. Core6 GRP was used for its non-slip, non-corrosive and lightweight properties. LARS are used to launch ROV’s (Remote Operated Vehicles) from ships into the sea.
Drilling Company (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Oil & Gas Application: Core6 moulded grating used in the Oil and Gas industry on a crane access walkway offshore. Core6 GRP was used for its lightweight, non-slip and non-corrosive properties.
UK Winch Manufacturer (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Oil & Gas Application: Moulded 38mm deep x 38mm x 38mm sq. mesh moulded grating used for main access walkway on winches in Oil and Gas industry. Core6 was chosen for its lightweight and non-corrosive properties.
Sub-Sea Manifold Manufacturer (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Oil & Gas Application: 38mm deep x 38mm x 38mm square mesh moulded GRP grating used in the Oil and Gas industry as impact resistant protection for a subsea manifold ‘tree’. Impact tests have been carried out on a number of Core6 gratings for their approval for use in this sector.