Core6 GRP is a great alternative to steel for walkways

Open grated walkways are utilised in a wide array of settings. They are designed to prevent water from pooling and to provide a safe surface for people to walk on. Walkways must be sturdy, corrosion resistant, and slip-resistant to prevent accidents.

Traditional metallic products are regularly used to create walkways because they arestrong, durable, and cost effective. Unfortunately this material is susceptible to corrosion, heavy, and becomes slippery when exposed to moisture. Protective coatings are commonly used but these incur additional costs but even with protective coatings applied, metallic gratings continue to be susceptible to corrosion. Because of this they need to be continually inspected as part of a regular maintenance programme.

Core6 GRP (Glass-Reinforced Plastic) is a viable and sustainable alternative to steel. The material is strong, light, corrosion resistant, and can have a non-slip finish. As an added bonus it is also more cost effective with fewer ongoing maintenance requirements. With all of these advantages it is no surprise that so many companies areusing GRP as opposed to steel for their access requirements.

An entire grated walkway can be made from Core6 GRP including the structural support system and handrailing. CORE6 GRP channel and angle-profiles are manufactured using the Pultrusion process and are built to last. This process takes thoroughly resin-soaked glass-fibres which are then pulled through a heated die to achieve the desired shape.   These products are coloured throughout the thickness so there is no additional painting or treatment required on the final product. The material will have a pleasing aesthetic finish and provide long term service. Once on site any remedial work can be carried out using only hand tools.

If you want to learn more about why Core6 GRP is such a fantastic material for walkways please get in touch. We can offer information and discuss your specific needs with us, ensuring we can deliver the perfect products. With our help you can ensure you get the lowest life cycle cost of any material.