Why is Core-6 GRP excellent for marine applications?

Marine applications create a wide array of challenges for construction materials. The salt air can cause corrosion resulting in accelerated wear on anything that is not highly resistant. In addition the moisture can make surfaces slippery creating potential accident areas.  Weight can also be an issue in dockside and offshore settings and Core-6 offer materials that are light weight whilst still durable.

Glass fibre reinforced plastic (GRP) is the perfect material for the marine sector. It is corrosion resistant, lightweight, and incredibly durable. It features a non-slip quartz grit finish making it ideal for all kinds of situations where slipping hazards must be kept to a minimum. In addition some products can be flexible and added to existing structures to keep costs to a minimum whilst ensuring safety is still a priority.

At Core6 we offer some of the very best GRP available to the market. We have spent many years continuously developing our product range to ensure it meets the diverse, demanding needs of marine clients. As a result we can confidently say we can cater for a wide array of different requirements.
Core6 GRP is available in ladder systems, handrails, walkways, anti-slip tread covers and decking strips amongst many other products. In each case the material will provide long term service and help to keep working environments and public areas safe.

Our facility also extends to a full survey, design and manufacturing service. We understand the challenging environments our structures operate in and aim to deliver the very highest standards. We consider all hazards from the outset ensuring suitable materials are chosen to assist with minimising dangers.

We are always happy to take on challenging projects and have a track record of delivering the perfect product on time and exceeding our customers’ expectations.

If you would like to know more about the Core-6 brand, people, products or services please do not hesitate to get in touch or visit browse website, www.core-6.co.uk. There are various case studies available detailing marine products and projects covering many other sectors.

Our website may features a selection of previous work but is not the full extent or our offering. As well as large projects we specialise in problem solving and one off designs so please get in touch if you have a particular problem or special request.