Core6 GRP offers H&S benefits in different settings

Regardless of the market, whether it is oil and gas, rail, construction, or industrial and processing, there are always health and safety (H&S) requirements to meet. Every workplace should be safe for employees to inhabit at all times, keeping the risks to an absolute minimum.

In order to achieve the required standards the right materials need to be used to create walkways, grates, stair treads, handrails, and other products that help people to make their way around a work environment. If the incorrect materials are used the number of accidents and injuries that occur can rise substantially.

We are confident we have one of the best materials to use to create the products mentioned above. There are plenty of H&S benefits of Core6 GRP to be aware of. The fact that glass-fibre reinforced plastic is so versatile means we can satisfy all kinds of specifications, including both size and shape. It is also incredibly strong, providing flexural strength that vastly exceeds that offered by steel. This means it delivers the required level of protection against warping.

In countless settings weight is an important factor to maximising health and safety. If products such as handrails, grates, and walkways are too heavy they can become a big hazard. With GRP weight is saved without any loss of strength or durability. This is the perfect situation and is the reason why the material is chosen for use offshore and in high rise industrial structures.

One of the biggest hazards with metal surfaces is they can become very slippery when they are wet. This is particularly true if they have been given a coating to protect them from corrosion. GRP on the other hand has a gritted anti-slip finish and is corrosion resistant. This means it is perfect for surfaces where slipping needs to be avoided at all costs.

Core6 has been operating for over forty years and built great relationships with businesses in a variety of sectors in that time. As you can expect we have received a wide variety of product requests in that time and had to cater for a multitude of different H&S requirements. Every project has added to our expertise and knowledge and we are confident we can use our GRP to create products that tick all of the right boxes, maximising health and safety in the process.

If you would like to discuss the specific requirements you need to satisfy and the H&S benefits of Core6 GRP please get in touch.