The importance of fibreglass weave (Fri 27th July 2018) - Fibreglass is one of the most versatile composites in the world and has a myriad of useful applications. The material is known as glass reinforced plastic (GRP) in most industries. A wide array of different products include it, including platform grating, walkways, ladders, handrails, pipes, and screening.
GRP ladders are anti-slip and non-conductive (Mon 16th July 2018) - One of the dangers with an access ladder is that the rungs can become slippery and therefore a hazard. The risks are further increased when they are located in areas with lots of moisture and contaminants such as oil and chemicals. To prevent accidents you must choose the right products, you can add protective tread […]
Consider installation (Wed 4th July 2018) - Installation can be a major expense for businesses, regardless of the product they are dealing with. This is because of the amount of labour and extra costs for any machinery. There are ways to reduce the bill though, including choosing pre-fabrication or taking the DIY approach. At JBP we can offer Core6 GRP products ready […]
Hillhead 2018 quarrying exhibition (Mon 25th June 2018) - The biggest quarry exhibition in the world takes place between 26th and 28th June 2018. Tarmac, a leading sustainable building materials and construction specialist, will host the event at their Hillhead Quarry in Derbyshire. Over 500 companies will be exhibiting their plant, equipment, services and materials. JBP will be in attendance. Although we aren’t displaying […]
Is GRP useful for quarrying projects? (Tue 19th June 2018) - Quarrying is in high demand across the globe, as we use it to obtain all sorts of critical resources. The problem here is the hazards, but the solution is to put the proper safety measures in position. We just so happen to stock several products that fit this bill, including the tread covers, walkways, grating, […]
Applications for Core6 GRP in waste management (Fri 8th June 2018) - The waste management industry is a demanding one with plenty of challenges to overcome. It is vital to promote sustainability, using resources effectively, and protecting the environment. To achieve these goals the infrastructure needs to be in place and Core6 GRP fits the bill perfectly, offering many benefits.
Why should you choose GRP for quarrying? (Wed 30th May 2018) - Quarrying is one of the most demanding industries in the entire world. It is responsible for producing important resources for use in all kinds of applications. The issue is that there are lots of hazards. The dust, dirt, moisture as well as vibrations can put people on site at risk. The key to addressing the […]
How can we combat the increasing composite waste levels? (Sat 19th May 2018) - JBP offers high quality Core6 GRP composites. For years, we’ve supplied what people consider a premier product. Therefore we have built a wonderful reputation, broad knowledge, and extensive experience. As a result, when you order from us you are getting the absolute finest in composite handrail, walkway, stair tread covers, and platform grating solutions.