GRP ladders are anti-slip and non-conductive

One of the dangers with an access ladder is that the rungs can become slippery and therefore a hazard. The risks are further increased when they are located in areas with lots of moisture and contaminants such as oil and chemicals. To prevent accidents you must choose the right products, you can add protective tread covers to traditional ladders to increase slip resistance, alternatively you could choose GRP ladders that have a non-slip surface.

JBP uses high quality glass reinforced plastic (GRP) in our Core6 branded products. Whether you need ladders, railings, or entire structural profiles such as walkways, we can create them for you. Every product will offer a useful combination of features, including high corrosion resistance, low maintenance, zero conductivity, and slip protection.

Using ladders near electricity

Industrial settings can have a very complex infrastructure with lots of wiring in the property and very high voltages. This creates safety concerns for those working close by.

The most important thing to be aware of is that metal conducts electricity. Therefore a problem with wiring could put anybody who touches metal railings, ladders, and other infrastructure at risk. You can protect against this in a number of ways, including checking the condition of the wires. The best option is to choose GRP ladders, railings and other products. They have zero conductivity so there is no risk, even if a broken wire touches them directly.

For any setting

Core6 ladders are suitable for use in a number of different locations. They will deliver outstanding levels of performance, whether they are indoors or outside. Proximity to harsh elements like salt water, chemicals, and oil won’t trouble them. Expect low maintenance and zero corrosion.

We can provide GRP ladders with or without guards. They can be any size, creating easier access for various structures as a result. Our products are used in various different industries, including offshore, power stations, and industrial facilities.

If you would like to order a bespoke product today please contact our team for design advice.