Consider installation

Installation can be a major expense for businesses, regardless of the product they are dealing with. This is because of the amount of labour and extra costs for any machinery. There are ways to reduce the bill though, including choosing pre-fabrication or taking the DIY approach. At JBP we can offer Core6 GRP products ready to install quickly and easily, they are lightweight so often don’t require any specialist equipment to unload or move around site.

A kit of parts

One option we offer with our bespoke products is to create a kit of parts. Each piece will be clearly identified as required and should allow for quick and easy on site assembly.


Another option is pre-fabrication. We can fabricate products and assemble them so they are ready to install upon receipt. As a result there is no need for assembly on-site, saving time. Delivery can be madeĀ  at the right time for you, minimising disruptions. We have our own fleet of transport, and work towards keeping lead times as short as possible.


If clients need help with understanding the Core6 products, we can offer full technical support. Our team are competent and knowledgeable, ready to answer any questions, whether it is design, installation, or upkeep. From start to finish expect the very best level of service from us.

Core6 GRP products provide many benefits, including corrosion resistance and significant weight savings when compared to materials like steel. Whatever kind of bespoke fabrication you want, we will deliver a product to offer value for money and excellent performance.

Contact us today with the specifics of your project, including the product and your budget.