Environmental conditions are key to the increasing use of GRP within the marine industry. Material performance challenges with regard to corrosion, slippery surfaces, and the need to reduce material weights make GRP the sensible choice when looking at the many varied applications with in this sector.

The flexibility of GRP composites enable them to be matched to the performance requirements dictated by the environment making them a safe, durable and cost effective solution within the marine market.

Our offering to this sector:

  • GRP ladder systems
  • Anti-slip decking strips
  • Anti-slip tread cover plates
  • Gritted sheets
  • Full design and build of structural platforms

Locations where composite are used:

  • Jetties and pontoons
  • Boat landings
  • Boat access steps
  • Gangways and ramps
  • GRP ladders and hand railing
  • General shipbuilding and maintenance repairs


Case Studies

Are composite materials suitable for marina flooring? (Mon 30th October 2017) - Construction covers a sizeable number of industry sectors, from the general building of industrial and commercial complexes to large infrastructure projects, incorporating power and rail. Suitable for both civil and construction works, our Core6 composite materials could be the perfect solution for you.
Core6 GRP is a great alternative to steel for walkways (Fri 17th March 2017) - Open grated walkways are utilised in a wide array of settings. They are designed to prevent water from pooling and to provide a safe surface for people to walk on. Walkways must be sturdy, corrosion resistant, and slip-resistant to prevent accidents.
Why is Core-6 GRP excellent for marine applications? (Mon 6th March 2017) - Marine applications create a wide array of challenges for construction materials. The salt air can cause corrosion resulting in accelerated wear on anything that is not highly resistant. In addition the moisture can make surfaces slippery creating potential accident areas.  Weight can also be an issue in dockside and offshore settings and Core-6 offer materials […]
Core6 GRP offers H&S benefits in different settings (Mon 27th February 2017) - Regardless of the market, whether it is oil and gas, rail, construction, or industrial and processing, there are always health and safety (H&S) requirements to meet. Every workplace should be safe for employees to inhabit at all times, keeping the risks to an absolute minimum.
Jetty Manufacturer (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Marine Application: 4mm thick anti-slip gritted plated fitted to aluminium plate for use in the Marine industry on inclined jetty walkway.
Irish Pontoon Manufacturer (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Marine Application: Mini-mesh Moulded Grating Challenge: New Pontoon development needed an alternative to timber decking. Core6 Composites supplied a Mini-Mesh moulded GRP grating to the pontoon manufacturers. Core6 was used in this case due to its non-slip and non-corrosive properties.
Scottish Canals (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Marine Application: Mini-mesh Moulded Grating Challenge: Replacement of timber decking. Core6 Composites mini-mesh moulded grating was used as an alternative. Core6 is lightweight and strong. It is also non-slip and non-corrosive making it a perfect alternative to timber decking.
Scottish Canals (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Marine Application: Jetty decking Challenge: Previous Jetty decking had become unsafe for pedestrians. Moulded Mini-mesh Core6 GRP grating was used to replace old rotten timber decking. In addition to this Core6 cable tray and Unistrut GRP profiles were supplied to store the cables inside. This avoids trip hazards along the length of the […]