Power & Utilities

The tough environmental conditions found across the utilities sector present particular material performance challenges with regard to chemical and corrosion resistance, as well as the risks associated with electrical conductivity and fire hazards.
It is a fact that Utility companies have witnessed a raise in metal theft in recent years and this is not only a drain on their resources, more importantly it causes a safety risk as the products that are stolen, predominately metallic floor coverings, leave a ‘risk of injury’ hazard.

The flexibility of composites enable them to be matched to the performance requirements dictated by the environment, making them a safe, durable and cost-effective option.

Our offering to this sector:

Waste Water

  • Scraper bridge access walkways
  • Baffle boards and weir plates
  • Manhole ladders and hand railing
  • Bespoke access platforms
  • Screw-pump covers

Power Distribution

  • Pedestrian-duty cable-trench covers
  • High Load Capacity trench crossings (2.5t – 40t wheel-load)
  • Trench crossing temporary access ramps
  • Transformer bund access staircases
  • Transformer bund mezzanine flooring
  • Non-conductive hand railing


Case Studies

Why choose non-conducting composite fencing and gates? (Wed 4th October 2017) - Core6 Composites has become a market leader in high quality GRP Products. Thanks to our reputation, knowledge, and design solutions, we ensure that our clients are provided with the right product and solution for their required application. Within our comprehensive range we have GRP floor grating in many different finishes and mesh configurations, stair systems, […]
Delivering products with zero electrical conductivity (Tue 28th March 2017) - In the power, Rail and utilities sectors one of the biggest risks is electrical conductivity. As a result materials need to be chosen with great care to keep the risk of accidents to a minimum. Ladders, handrails, gates, fencing and walkways all need to have good electrical resistance to prevent any accidental currents from travelling […]
Core6 GRP is a great alternative to steel for walkways (Fri 17th March 2017) - Open grated walkways are utilised in a wide array of settings. They are designed to prevent water from pooling and to provide a safe surface for people to walk on. Walkways must be sturdy, corrosion resistant, and slip-resistant to prevent accidents.
Core6 GRP offers H&S benefits in different settings (Mon 27th February 2017) - Regardless of the market, whether it is oil and gas, rail, construction, or industrial and processing, there are always health and safety (H&S) requirements to meet. Every workplace should be safe for employees to inhabit at all times, keeping the risks to an absolute minimum.
UK Power Company (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Power Distribution Application: Moulded 50mm deep grey grating used in the Power Distribution industry as an internal switch room building on an electrical sub-station.
National Grid Plc (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Power Distribution Application: Yellow 50mm deep High Load Capacity (HLC) Moulded GRP grating used in the Power Distribution industry on sub-stations for vehicular crossing points for safe vehicle access points.
National Grid Plc (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Power Distribution Application: 50mm deep Moulded GRP grating used in the Power Distribution industry as a direct replacement on the majority of sub-stations for old concrete trench covers.
Civil Engineering Contractor (Mon 6th June 2016) - Industry Sector: Power Application: Core6 GRP anti-slip moulded grating fitted to transformer bunds on a new electrical sub-station in the West of Scotland. Moulded grating was fitted to adjustable Buzon legs to raise the flooring up to 1.2m from the bund floor level. The benefit of having grating on legs to make a high-level mezzanine […]