Why choose non-conducting composite fencing and gates?

Core6 Composites has become a market leader in high quality GRP Products. Thanks to our reputation, knowledge, and design solutions, we ensure that our clients are provided with the right product and solution for their required application. Within our comprehensive range we have GRP floor grating in many different finishes and mesh configurations, stair systems, stair tread covers, walkways, composite handrails, and platform grating solutions. The GRP non-conductive fencing we supply is now accepted within many industry sectors.

When Ascot Station requested a new high load GRP fence we were pleased to take on the project. It was challenging because of the close accessibility of the live third rail. Therefore only our non-conductive GRP solutions could step up to the challenge. We offered the station pre-fabricated 1.8m high and 165m long composite fencing, End of platform gates and underplatform litter screens. Due to the Core6 design solution, South West Trains and Network Rail were supplied with a fantastic solution that fully met with their requirements and expectations.

If you are wondering if composite fences could be the right solution for you, here are some of the most appealing characteristics to think about;

– This variety of fencing can be set up with relative ease
– It can be provided pre fabricated
– There are no specialist tools required for installation
– It requires very little maintenance over the course of its lifespan, making it a great investment.

Composite fencing is also revered for its environmental qualities. The majority of fences are comprised of 50 to 100% recycled substances. They keep shopping bags, shrink wrap, and other plastics away from landfills, and give leftovers that would typically go to waste another purpose.

At Core6 Composites, our GRP products have been utilised in a wide variety of settings across multiple industries. No matter what your specifications are, we will work with you to find the best solutions for your needs.

If we can be of assistance to you, please contact us. We are happy to provide further advice about our non-conductive fencing and any of the other products we offer. Simply call to arrange a consultation with our team.