The properties that make GRP the right choice for marine and offshore

Within the marine industry, the key to the increasing use of GRP resides with the environmental conditions. Performance considerations in relation to lower material weights, slippery surfaces, and corrosion make GRP the best choice for jetties and pontoons. As one of the leading suppliers of high quality composites, Core6 Composites will have a solution to suit your application.

GRP based products are expanding in both usage and overall popularity. The reasoning behind this rapid growth has to do with the impressive list of benefits that are provided to the application.

In particular, GRP has a good strength-to-weight ratio. What this means is that it is lightweight but is capable of handling a heavy load range. In certain instances, it can even top steel in terms of strength. Because it is lightweight, installation and transportation are more cost effective. All this makes GRP the best choice of material for marine and offshore environments.

GRP is also revered for being highly durable and corrosion resistant, this makes it long lasting, and means that it remains in a pristine state for a long time even when exposed to water.

GRP also boasts a range of finishes including anti slip, perfect for marine environments.

At Core6 Composites, the sheer flexibility of our own GRP composites permits them to match the performance specifications of their assigned applications. We can supply you with anti-slip tread cover plates, decking strips, pontoon flooring, gritted floor plates, specialist ladder systems and coast line screening.

If our products have caught your interest and you’d like additional information, please call us and we would be happy to help.