Delivering products with zero electrical conductivity

In the power, Rail and utilities sectors one of the biggest risks is electrical conductivity. As a result materials need to be chosen with great care to keep the risk of accidents to a minimum. Ladders, handrails, gates, fencing and walkways all need to have good electrical resistance to prevent any accidental currents from travelling and putting more people on the site in harm’s way.

The GRP (glass-reinforced plastic) we offer at Core6 has no electrical conductivity so the risks mentioned above are completely avoided. The materials are composites made from layers of glass fibres and resin, cured to make them strong and durable. The lack of metal means there is no risk of conducting electricity.

We can provide several different products made from GRP for clients. Which include standard floor panels, ladders, handrails, and more recently GRP Gate units and fencing. Alternatively we can offer full GRP Structures. With GRP being light and strong, movement of material, and installation is quicker and safer.

Many areas around Transformers in the power and Rail industries are amongst the most hazardous. The close proximity to live electricity raises all manner of issues. GRP is used in these settings to create mezzanine floors, walkways, gates, fences, and handrails. That way the risk of the current travelling and harming people as they come and go is minimised.

At Core6 we have the facilities and knowledge to create products to suit all manner of requirements. We are committed to maximising safety and quality at every turn, ensuring everything we provide meets the relevant standards. In the past we have worked with many clients. Whatever the needs and requirements we are confident we can cater for them.

If you have any questions about the properties of our GRP please get in touch. We are always happy to provide information and discuss projects.

Key benefits : Non -Conductive, safe to touch
Not cold to touch
Colour coded
Ease of installation
No Corrosive