The importance of fibreglass weave

Fibreglass is one of the most versatile composites in the world and has a myriad of useful applications. The material is known as glass reinforced plastic (GRP) in most industries. A wide array of different products include it, including platform grating, walkways, ladders, handrails, pipes, and screening.

Different weaves

One of the most interesting things about GRP is that there are multiple types of weave options for the glass fibres. Fibreglass strands are what gives the composite product strength and due to this the direction in which the glass is laid in the profile can have a huge impact on it’s performance as it is the glass rather than the resin that carries the majority of the load.

There are typically four different types of fibreglass weave. They are:

Roving – this is the simplest, as well as the most common, form. The raw fibres are unidirectional and come as bundles of separate filaments. As a result they provide strength and load bearing in several directions.

Veil mats – piles of continuous fibres randomly loop through a binder, creating a material with a consistency similar to tissue. This type of weave is not for structural applications because it has lower strength.

Chopped strand mat – this uses shorter strands of glass fibres and the materials have less strength as a result. The filaments are randomly orientated though, providing unilateral strength and loading. This option is also the cheapest so it is very popular.

Woven Roving – here bundles of glass fibre make a two-direction yarn. The weave is strong but only in the two directions that the fibres run. As a result the fibreglass must orient to ensure correct loading. To support loads in other directions another ply can face a different direction.

Top quality products

At JBP we use high quality fibreglass to create our Core6 glass reinforced plastic (GRP) products. We understand the value of choosing the right weave and can ensure our composites have the perfect combination of strength and load bearing. We also make sure they are light and save a great deal of weight over other materials.

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