Applications for Core6 GRP in waste management

The waste management industry is a demanding one with plenty of challenges to overcome. It is vital to promote sustainability, using resources effectively, and protecting the environment. To achieve these goals the infrastructure needs to be in place and Core6 GRP fits the bill perfectly, offering many benefits.

Tricky environments

Collecting, sorting, and storing waste materials is very challenging. The infrastructure is under a lot of pressure, facing wear and tear, corrosion, and various other problems. To prevent rapid deterioration, high downtime, and costly repairs, it is important to choose the right materials for the infrastructure.

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) is a great material for use in these challenging settings. The composite is light and very durable. More importantly it has very high corrosion resistance because of the combination of glass fibres and resin. Neither of these materials will corrode, even when exposed to the elements.

In addition, it is possible to make a wide array of different products from the composite. John Bell Pipeline (JBP), the supplier of Core6 GRP, has extensive experience and offers a comprehensive design service. We achieve the highest standards, particularly when we offer bespoke fabrication for a client. Every product will deliver the best possible value.

An eco-friendly composite

Core6 GRP offers a number of environmental benefits. JBP’s suppliers manufacture materials efficiently, ensuring that waste is kept to a minimum. The composite will last for a long time, even in tough environments. As a result fewer additional resources will be needed for repairs and replacements over its lifecycle.

What do you need?

JBP can offer a wide array of different GRP products, including durable grating, structural profiles, ladders and handrails, and much more. We work closely with clients to ensure we are clear on their needs. As a result we can deliver the infrastructure they need.

If you are considering using Core6 GRP for waste management please get in touch with our team. We can provide advice, design bespoke products, and perhaps offer you the solution you have been searching for.