How can we combat the increasing composite waste levels?

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The use of composites is increasing, with the global market expected to reach $95 billion globally by the year 2020. This is up 40% from 2014. More and more people are acknowledging the advantages of durability and lighter weight. Therefore, the market penetration is expanding in initiated sectors, whereas newer subdivisions are embracing composites.

Naturally, the growth leads to increased volumes of refuse due to manufacturing. There’s also a greater challenge to discover economically supportable recycling options for end-of-life of materials.

The tests of GRP

Glass reinforced plastic poses more of an economic trial. The most encouraging course for end-of-life implementations is co-processing with waste derived fuel within cement kilns. Such an operation is available in Germany. Energy from this kind of co-processing is beginning to become available in the UK too. You can include regrinding from production scrap into a multitude of procedures, including moulding, casting, and spray-up. This offers some fortification value for short flakes or fibres.

Experts are currently researching substitute activities, especially those chemical operations that can retrieve value from the resin chemicals. Additionally, pyrolysis variations using microwave energy, or those inside a fluidised bed possess the potential to utilise less energy or supply clean fibres. The environmental influence of separate recycling procedures has revealed that energy requests for chemical operations exceed certain others.

At JBP we offer Core6 GRP composites suitable for various markets, including marine, power & utilities, rail, civil & construction, and recycling. In addition to selling products, we also provide a number of services. These include cut to size, technical support, and drawings & design.

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