Progress is being made with GRP recycling

Thanks to our knowledge and resources, Core6 GRP has become more than just a simple material. It is now one of the most widely used commodities in the construction industry. Traditionally, people would ask for aluminium or steel, however, due to the demand for site fixing, erosion resistance, easy handling, and weight saving, more individuals are choosing the composite.

Caring for the environment

In the UK, producers and consumers send the majority of GRP refuse straight to landfill. This is because of a lack of understanding of its attributes and possible recycling options, and due to GRP’s inherent thermoset nature. This could change due to the industry and government sponsored Built Environment Action on Waste Awareness and Resource Efficiency endeavour. They selected GRP for fresh recycling implementations in concrete composites.

The process

They acquired two separate kinds of rubbish, these being GRP waste fibre and waste powder for testing. Results from the programme of tests revealed that it is possible to utilise GRP leavings. For example both could serve as an admixture in cement concrete and as a fragmentary replacement for fine aggregate.

Furthermore, the short glass fibre content and polymer in GRP waste can contribute to the quality enhancement of numerous concrete products. It also has sufficient scope for use in all sorts of construction industry projects.

Impressive potential

The overall results from this research were highly auspicious. It seems like using GRP waste in concrete has quite the application scope in construction. Of course, there are still further tests to complete, such as those for end of life and durability. Possible utilisations include concrete paving blocks, pre-cast paving slabs, roof tiles, and lightweight concrete.

At JBP we stock the highest quality Core6 GRP products. We work hard to ensure materials are manufactured in the most eco-friendly manner, keeping waste and resource usage to a minimum. More importantly our products are suitable for a host of different environments. The list includes but isn’t limited to marinas, architectural settings, factories, and offshore. They are even appropriate for use in recycling facilities.

If you want high quality GRP goods and you’d like to know more, feel free to contact us.