Tackling a big problem in the rail industry

In recent years there have been a number of cases of metal thefts affecting the rail infrastructure in the UK. The high price of metals is causing criminals to target cabling and other metal items because of their scrap values. The thefts result in millions of pounds of losses every year and big delays for travellers.

How to address the problem?

The big difficulty in tackling the issue is that large stretches of rail lines lack any protection, leaving them vulnerable to thefts. It is very tricky to ensure that every single part of the network is monitored and protected. Existing security systems like fences and grating may not resolve the problem, especially if they are also valuable metals. So what is the solution?

A fantastic option would be to replace steel items with Core6 GRP rail products. The composite offers fantastic benefits including high strength, longevity, low maintenance, and non-conductivity. On top of this the material does not have the value that metals possess. Therefore criminals are unlikely to target for theft.

New and existing installations

Core6 GRP is suitable for a wide variety of different projects. The composite products are perfect for replacing existing infrastructure or brand new installations. The latter may be at the highest risk of theft due to the amount of resources criminals expect to be in the area. That is one of the reasons why flagship projects are commonly a target for thieves. It is therefore vital to have adequate security in place.

Glass reinforced plastic is a great composite, available in a wide variety of different shapes. It can also be fabricated onsite. Both of these factors make it perfect for replacing unique pieces of infrastructure.

If you want high quality GRP rail products Core6 is the brand for you. Sourced from thws finest quality suppliers by ou experienced team at John Bell Pipeline, we ensure that every single product meets the highest standards. To find out more simply contact us.