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Railway Contractor

Industry Sector: Rail

Application: Platform extension used in Rail industry. Core6 Pultruded GRP extension was used to accommodate longer trains. There was a need for the platform on this London station to be extended to aid increased capacity. Core6 Pultruded was chosen for its non-slip and easy to fabricate properties.

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Francis Brown Ltd

Industry Sector: Oil & Gas

Application: Green Core6 moulded GRP grating on Oil and Gas industry on a LAR (Launch and Recovery) system. Core6 GRP was used for its non-slip, non-corrosive and lightweight properties. LARS are used to launch ROV’s (Remote Operated Vehicles) from ships into the sea.

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UK Drilling Company

Industry Sector: Oil and Gas

Application: Core6 GRP was applied to davit platforms in the oil and gas industry for its light-weight properties. The platforms were to be fitted on the exterior of one of their rigs. The Core6 grating was approximately one-third the weight of traditionally used metallic product. This is one of the major advantages of using Core6 as an alternative to steel.

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