What does GRP stand for?
GRP stands for Glass Reinforced Plastic (GRP). It is a composite material, or fibre-reinforced polymer, created using a plastic reinforced by fine fibres made of glass. The composite material is commonly referred to as Fibreglass.
Is FRP the same as fiberglass?
Yes, Fiberglass, FRP and GRP are the same product. FRP stands for Fiber Reinforced Plastic, which is simply the non-trademarked name for fiberglass. Fiberglass resin is a form of plastic.
How is moulded grating made?
Moulded grating is made by layering continuous Glassfibre stands in a mould table along with resin. The glassfibres create a strong bi-birectional matrix of reinforcement in the product and when the temperature is reduced the product solidifies creating a grating. This is then ejected from the mould.
Why is GRP a useful material?
GRP has a high strength to weight ratio and high flexural strength, this means it is a lightweight material that is also super strong. Weight for weight GRP can be stronger than steel! GRP also has high resistance to ultraviolet light.
Can GRP be made in any colour?
The simple answer is yes. As the resin is applied in a liquid form, it can be pigmented to match any colour provided a RAL or BS number is provided.
Is GRP corrosion resistant
Yes, most standard resins have a high degree of corrosion resistant properties. In addition to this we are able to offer custom resins that have even further corrosion resistance to extremely corrosive acids.
Is GRP maintenance free?
In most environments GRP can be relied upon to offer a long term solution with a life expectancy of over 50 years with little or no maintenance expenditures. Therefore GRP will significantly reduce or eliminate life-cycle costs.
Is GRP fire retardant
GRP can be manufactured in non-fire retardant or fire-retardant resins. Most of our range are held in fire retardant resin.