Pultruded Grating

Core6 GRP Pultruded grating offers a fast, safe and effective flooring solution to high load capacity access areas. Pultruded grating is manufactured by glass fibres being pulled through a resin bath. Its is then heated to cure the pultruded shape. Load bearing bars are drilled to accommodate the interlocking tie bars. Both bars are then assembled in a jig and bonded together to make the finished panel of grating.

This manufacturing process produces parts that are generally 65% fibreglass and 35% resin (by weight). As a result, this process produces the strongest composite gratings which are often specified in high traffic areas.


  • Corrosion resistant
  • Slip resistant – anti skid surface
  • Light weight – Density 4 times less than steel
  • Low maintenance (no rusting, no painting)
  • Non-conductive – does not carry electric current
  • Radio Frequencies (FR) and Electromagnetic transparency
  • Aesthetic appealing
  • Impact resistant
  • UV resistant
  • Easy to cut and fabricated – hand cutting tools required only
  • Lowest in life cycle cost


High Load Capacity (HLC)

Impact testing on Pultruded grating

Impact testing on Pultruded grating

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