Why Us

Core6 Composites have over 70 years of collective knowledge and experience of applications and can advise on each customer requirement.
Our 3D AutoCAD team can take your idea and develop a solution. So whether you need light-weight, fire-resistance, corrosion-resistance or non-slip benefits Core6 Composites can help.
Core6 Composites have a dedicated fabrication facility that can custom-build walkways, platforms and access products ready for quick delivery and installation.
We offer an unrivalled service from managing manufacture, initial sight survey, specification, fabrication through to installation. We pride ourselves on offering a complete package and a service you can trust. To ensure you have the best product we recommend you use Core6 Composites. Core6 are leaders in high quality materials and service to all sectors. We will continue to develop, innovate and grow our product range to meet client and industry demands.

Features & Benefits

Fire Retardant

Fire safe resin materials are essential in critical environments. To ensure our products will meet these standards Core6 Composites have passed rigorous fire tests. Our phenolic resin materials meet DNV Fire regulations. Core6 Composites is the perfect solution for walkways, stair treads, handrails and access platforms used in critical environments.


Core6 Composites gratings have been rigorously tested to the highest standards for vehicular traffic wheel-loads up to to BS EN124 D400. In addition to wheel-loads Core6 gratings have been impact tested to an impressive 20KJ with a 500mm striker. Our technical team can advise you on impact and load bearing test results as well as any other question about your application.

Corrosion Resistant

Traditional metallic products can be prone to corrosion and eventually failure after a relatively short period of time. Core6 Composites corrosion resistant access products can be used in the harshest of environments to give long life benefits. This makes Core6 Composites products excellent value for money as costly shut-down timescales can be kept to a minimum.


Core6 Composites products are at least one quarter the weight of their equivalent products in metal. This means they can be installed quickly and efficiently in the shortest possible timescale, therefore reducing labour costs. Where weight restrictions are a factor, Core6 Composites can be a perfect solution.

Easy to install

Core6 Composites is an excellent material to work with. Not only is it lightweight for ease of handling, Core6 behaves much like timber to fabricate, cut and position. A trained joiner will easily install Core6 Composites with basic tools and will not require to weld or a hot works permit. You can cut, drill & plane many of the sections, resulting in quality finish.


For environments where surfaces need to be non-slip, Core6 is ideal. The material comes with built in non-slip properties making it a perfect solution for high footfall areas where slips, trips and falls are preventable.

Cost Effective

Many of the materials Core6 Composites replaces are expensive. Steel and Aluminium are expensive as well as being inferior solutions due to weight, non-slip, conductivity and corrosion. Core6 Composites is durable and does not corrode, meaning it will outlast many costly alternatives.

Long lasting

Designed to handle tough environments, Core6 Composites will last long after other materials such as Steel or Aluminium have corroded or become unsafe. The properties of Core6 Composites means it can be used on Walkways, Sea-beds, Access Platforms and Structural Sections making Core6 Composites the new generations material of choice.