Durable, slip proof tread covers for stairs

Stairways are a hazard in any location but can become even more-so in external dangerous industrial settings such as offshore, in chemical facilities, and areas that are open to the natural environment and ever-changing weather conditions. In these areas it is vital that the tread on each stairway is stable, even, and non-slip. With all of these in the access-ways must be prepared to deal with moisture, dirt, corrosive materials, and even chemicals.

Core6 GRP tread covers are perfect for stairs of all shapes and sizes. Glass-fibre reinforced plastic has a slip resistant top layer and it can be installed on staircases made from a wide array of materials, from steel to concrete and timber too. Whether attached with mechanical fixings or adhesive, it will remain in place and provide a highly visible surface for people to safely walk.

One of the main benefits of GRP is it is robust and durable. This makes it fantastic for stairs that receive a high amount of foot traffic. The material will offer a long service life, even when people on site are wearing heavy and industrial footwear.

In addition to providing an anti-slip solution the tread cover plates protect the substrate beneath them. Any moisture, corrosive substances, or chemicals which find their way on to the tread are prevented from reaching the material underneath. This can provide long term benefits; particularly with treads being much easier and cheaper to replace than an entire stair or staircase.

The GRP treads are available in a selection of different colours. This means that clients can ensure they will be highly visible when they are in place on a staircase to further reduce hazards.

If you would like further information about the materials please feel free to get in touch with our team. We can offer advice and recommendations to suit any kind of site. With our support you can ensure stair treads are as safe as possible.