GRP requires very little maintenance

Businesses need to be careful with their operating costs, ensuring they are feasible and not likely to cause cash flow issues. A good maintenance plan can help as it will reduce the risk of costly bills for repairs. Choosing materials that require less upkeep is wise. Core6 GRP is perfect in this regard.

Glass-reinforced plastic is a strong, lightweight composite. Numerous products are made from it including grating, structural profiles, handrails, ladders, and even tread plates. The material is long lasting and requires little maintenance over its lifecycle.

No rusting

One of the major advantages of Core6 GRP is it is highly corrosion resistant. The glass fibres and resin are not susceptible to rust, meaning they will retain their structural integrity for the long term. This means the material is better than alternatives like steel. It also means lower maintenance costs because there is no need to add protective coatings periodically to protect the substrate.

UV resistance

Products used externally such as railings, walkways and staircases are exposed to high levels of UV rays. For some materials this can cause problems such as damaging surface coatings. With steel it can cause an accelerated rate of corrosion. GRP has excellent UV resistance and won’t deteriorate. The only thing you may see is a bleaching affect, although this usually takes a long time to occur.

Take care when cleaning

All materials are susceptible to damage if the wrong chemicals react with them. That is why it is so crucial to keep in mind what substances are used on a site. In addition you need to select cleaning products carefully. GRP has good chemical resistance thanks to the protective coating. You still need to ensure you only use appropriate products to clean it though. It is also crucial you never scratch or scrape any dirt or debris from the surface; this can damage the top layer and expose the substrate to higher deterioration.

JBP offers some of the highest quality GRP materials available in the UK. Our Core6 brand is highly regarded and used on a vast array of sites. The products all offer low maintenance, resulting in lower ongoing costs.

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