Long lasting moulded and pultruded Core6 GRP grating

Steel grates are used within many applications including walkways and covers for trenches or holes, the problem with this material is the low corrosion resistance, due to the iron content the metal is vulnerable. Protective coatings can be used but with time these will wear away themselves, exposing the substrate and allowing rusting.

Core6 GRP is a better material for grating. The composite has impressive strength and is also very lightweight. Most importantly it is highly corrosion resistant because both the resin and glass fibres used to reinforce the material aren’t vulnerable. These benefits make it a fantastic alternative to steel.

There are two different types of Core6 GRP grating to choose from; moulded and pultruded. The first of these is made in a mould, by layering the materials, generally these products have around 35% glass fibre content. The second involves pulling glass fibres through a bath of resin, this process significantly increases the amount of glass fibre, generally it is around 65% glass to 35% resin.

The biggest difference between the two styles is the design. Moulded grates are continuous, made in a weave pattern. Pultruded ones on the other hand come in two or three pieces. As a result they look very different and perform differently.

Plutruded grates are most commonly used in high traffic areas because they have higher strength. This comes from the increased glass content and the use of both load bearing bars and tie bars.

At JBP we stock high quality Core6 moulded and pultruded GRP grating, catering for the specific requirements of businesses in an array of sectors. We can provide products that are long lasting and highly durable. If higher slip resistance is needed we can even give the grates a silica quartz grit finish.

If you are unsure what type of grating you need we can help. Our team are highly knowledgeable and able to design products to suit a myriad of specifications. In the past we have supplied to businesses in the rail, marine, chemical, and even power generation industries. This means we know exactly what kind of challenges they can face and are well placed to overcome them.

You can find out more about our gratings on our website or contact us personally.