What is GRP and why is it useful for so many applications?

GRP stands for Glassfibre Reinforced Plastics. High strength glass-fibres are integrated into the product at the manufacturing stage meaning composite materials deliver impressive high strength-to-weight properties and by choosing from a variety of speciality resins, the finished product is able to provide a long service life in the harshest of environments. As a result composites are useful for an incredible range of applications in a variety of settings.

One of the most impressive properties of GRP is that it has vastly higher flexural strength than steel. This means that it will withstand larger loads before permanent deformation occurs.

Additionally, unlike other plastics the GRP resin systems can have fire retardant inhibitors added into the mix to ensure the finished product has excellent resistance to heat exposure meaning composites are the material of choice in tunnels and particularly offshore applications.

The above characteristics are amongst the reasons why GRP is so widely used in racing cars, boats and aircraft as vast weight-savings can be achieved whilst delivering an exceptional amount of strength and durability.

At CORE-6 we provide high quality GRP for a wide array of requirements, including access grating, stair tread covers, handrails, and ladders. We work with clients from a vast array of sectors, encountering many challenging and diverse access requirements. Our focus is always on delivering the very best solutions, regardless of the criteria we need to meet. We can even provide full design services when required.

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