Accurate designs are essential for safety

Good design is essential to maximise health and safety and cut the risk of injuries occurring. This is a true fact of every single product but is even more important when it comes to stairs, walkways, handrails, and grating. If any of the measurements are even slightly out it could result in falls and injuries.

At Core6 we focus on offering the pinnacle of good design when clients come to us for bespoke GRP products. The thing that makes us stand out from other companies is we have a deep knowledge of the properties of glass reinforced plastic. We therefore know its characteristics and how it behaves in a variety of situations. This puts us in the right position to design products to suit a myriad of applications.

To improve our design capabilities even further we have equipped our highly experienced draughtsmen and designers with the latest software for greater accuracy to fulfil a wider selection of requirements. This is true whether it is a simple design such as a single grating or a complex one-off or a series of interconnected walkways.

Our team are comfortable providing bespoke designs for simple and complex products alike. We have great confidence in the GRP we work with and the fantastic results it can offer for a variety of applications in a broad selection of settings. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a professional design service please get in touch.