GRP cut to size with precision

The properties of glass reinforced plastic (GRP) make it a fantastic alternative to a wide array of materials. Although it is the durability, light weight and resistance to corrosion, chemicals, and abrasion resistance that make it stand out, the ease of machinability is also a major benefit. In fact composites are far more versatile to work with metallic materials.

At Core6 we have a lot of experience machining GRP. Our bespoke fabrication service allows our team to cut panels, grating, and stair treads to suit a wide variety of dimensions and to specific custom shapes to suit our customers’ requirements.

Although we offer to do all cutting in-house it is possible for our customers to do it themselves either at their factory premises or onsite. If you are considering this we suggest you keep the following points in mind, especially if you want to achieve a quality finish.

It is wise to source diamond tipped cutting blades for your tools and to cut GRP at a slow to medium speed to ensure the cleanest of cuts. This will help to keep heat under control and prevent the glass-fibres in the composite from causing frictional heat build up and therefore resulting in a longer life for the cutting blades.

Once a GRP item has been cut it is a matter of simply rubbing the edge with a fine sandpaper or emery cloth to remove any plastic burr to the bottom of the profile. Unlike steel this is a relatively quick process and will not cause any danger to the fabricator as the burr’s are limited and easily removed.

When clients come to us for bespoke fabrication they can have us cut all of the parts ready for them. We will ensure your finished components are accurate and this will lead to a quick and easy site installation of the finished items.

For a reliable service choose Core6 to have your GRP cut to size. Get in touch with us to discuss your needs and for more advice about why you should choose products made from glass reinforced plastic.