Why should I use a composite?

Composite profiles are a very popular alternative to traditional materials such as concrete, steel, timber, and aluminium. The reason for this is that composites can provide a myriad of useful characteristics and overcome a number of the downsides of these other construction materials. For example a composite may be as strong and durable as steel whilst also offering better flexibility and corrosion resistance.

Typically a composite can provide an array of characteristics that you would not find with a single material. This is excellent when it comes to bespoke fabrications and also means the materials are useful for a very wide selection of different applications.

One of the biggest selling points of GRP composites is they can be site-modified in a similar way to wood. This means it is easier to adapt to different needs and possible to make adjustments to products if necessary. Re-working metals and concrete is trickier, more time consuming, and incurs more costs.

A second notable property is the thermal performance of composites. Profiles made of the materials tend to not form heat or cold bridges. This makes them excellent in terms of energy efficiency. GRP is one material that is great in this regard. As a result it can be used to great effect in structural parts of a building, including I beams and C-Channels.

At Core6 we offer GRP structural profiles in a range of thicknesses. This means they can be used to cater for a vast array of different requirements in numerous settings. We are always happy to take on challenges and work closely with clients from a series of different industries. Our products will deliver excellent properties and satisfy the needs of the client.

A final thing you should consider before you settle on materials is the cost and ROI. With composites you can enjoy the excellent characteristics and also save money, particularly in comparison to higher cost raw materials such as steel or aluminium. From an economic point of view you won’t make a better choice.

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