The value of composite handrails

Handrails are essential for maximising safety in countless settings, from stairwells to mezzanines and platforms. Each one should be designed to suit the setting, ensuring it is strong, durable, and capable of dealing with the specific load placed on it.

One of the best options for handrails is Core6 glass-fibre reinforced plastics (GRP). The composite material is fantastic because it is strong whilst also being lightweight. In addition it is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and corrosion, fire, and other harmful elements. This means it is a safe, reliable option for use in a myriad of settings.

Pultruded handrails are constructed ny combining resin and glass fibres which are pulled through a heated die then finally cooled to create an extremely strong and resilient profile. This in-turn is assembled to suit the required application.

Core6 access products have been used for many years to create all manner of products, from handrails to stair treads, gratings to bespoke fabricated items. Each of these has delivered the highest standards and proven to be a fantastic investment.

Clients come to us because of the unbeatable results we can offer. Whether it is a large scale installation or a small project, we will provide the same level of professionalism and quality results. Our focus is always on maximising safety so we will ensure that each design is properly devised and test products extensively.

Our GRP handrails can be used in a wide myriad of settings, performing particularly well in wastewater treatment plants, chemical facilities, industrial plants, and offshore. Whether it is pollution from industry or urban activities, or salt air, the railings we create will offer a long life and require minimal maintenance.

If you need bespoke handrails and want to work closely with a highly knowledgeable company we are the team for you. We will design the products with your needs in mind, ensuring they meet the specific criteria you provide.