GRP or anti-slip painting?

In various settings sure footing is absolutely crucial to maximising safety. It becomes tougher to keep slip hazards to a minimum in tricky locations such as offshore, outdoors, and in areas where a lot of moisture is present though. The solution to the problem is to use anti-slip materials to give surfaces more traction and ensure they are less likely to become slick.

There are a number of different ways to make surfaces anti-slip. One option is to use paints and coatings. A more effective alternative is to make sure the original materials are chosen to keep slipping to a minimum. One of the best options to choose in this regard is glass reinforced plastic (GRP) from Core6.

The big downside with anti-slip paints and coatings is they can have a rather limited lifecycle, wearing away with use and exposure to the elements. As a result more work is needed in terms of upkeep and maintenance. This in turn translates to more disruption and further costs.

GRP is a very durable material. As a result, once in place it will perform to a high standard for a long period of time, even in the wettest locations. Entire walkways can be made from the material or it can be provided in strips that can be installed with ease. Both options are highly effective and can reduce the risk of slipping.

At Core6 we deliver high quality GRP and work very hard to cater for the needs of clients in an array of sectors. With our help they can expect high quality, long lasting anti-slip results. We can even provide bespoke solutions for very specific applications.

We understand the advantages of using our products rather than relying on potentially messy painting and coatings that could fail much sooner. When longevity is needed and you want a great return on your investment, Core6 GRP is the anti-slip product you need.

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