Bespoke GRP walkways for use in various settings

Core-6 GRP is great for walkways because it is slip-resistant, lightweight, and resistant to corrosion and chemicals. It is suitable for use internally and externally, performing to the highest standard in each location. As a result the structures can be used in a wide array of different settings including in the oil and gas industry and chemical processing plants.

One thing we have learned over the years is that the number of different specifications for walkways is almost endless. They can be a number of different shapes, including right angles to cater for corners, as well as a wide selection of widths and lengths. Stairs can be included in various locations and they can feature handrails on one side or both.

In order to maximise safety walkways should be tailored to suit each specific setting. They should also be manufactured in line with the highest standards, anticipating various risks and ensuring hazards are accounted for.

At Core-6 we offer a bespoke fabrication service to create GRP walkways to suit any specifications. Our in-house team are very highly trained and equipped with up to date software packages so they can create the very best designs. Whether the client needs a simple hop-up platform fto clean obstacles or a full walkway to stretch around an entire structure we can provide it. We can overcome any kind of challenges and deliver a layout that will meet our customer’s needs.

When creating the walkways we can utilise our high quality GRP for stair treads, handrails, gratings, and decking strips. The material is highly durable and slip-resistant so it will help to keep people safe, even in environments with lots of moisture.

The GRP walkways we create can be delivered fully fabricated ready for installation or in pieces for assembly when they arrive on site. If clients choose the latter we will ensure all of the parts are clearly labelled so can be put together quickly and efficiently.

As part of our service we can provide a free site survey to get a better idea of our customer’s needs. This allows us to familiarise ourselves with the setting and the dimensions for the walkway. With this information we can tackle the design element with confidence. Designs will be passed on to clients to assess and approve before we move on to manufacturing.

If you are interested in GRP walkways our bespoke fabrication service is perfect for you. Please get in touch to find out more.