Core6 GRP grating is a much safer alternative to metal variants

Our company is one that prides itself on being able to offer its clients high calibre Core6 GRP grating and associated products. Manufactured using the finest materials, our products are built to be both strong and safe. With our extensive knowledge and design capabilities, we’re confident that we can help you to find the right product for your application.

One of the most critical factors of any flooring installation is the safety it provides. Businesses need their floors to be guarded in every respect in order to meet the necessary legislation. Within the construction industry, the integration of GRP flooring is contemplated and pushed forward in the majority of instances, this is due to not only its cost effectiveness, but also the anti slip and oil resistant attributes.

Zero Corrosion

GRP grating is manufactured from glass reinforced plastic bonded with resin. Not only does this make installing the grates simple, but also, unlike steel grating, there’s no risk of corrosion. Other metal walkways, like those created utilising aluminium or chequer plate form natural rust as time progresses, they are also incredibly hazardous when damp, fortunately Core6 can be provided with an anti slip finish.

Aside from floorings, GRP grating has found use in mezzanines, drain covers, roof walkways, and access platform applications. It’s characteristics make it perfect for all of these different requirements and many more besides.

Due to the grating’s outstanding performance potential in sensitive areas, it has the ability to dematerialise static electricity. This is something that proves indispensable in offshore and underground environments. Its non-sparking features are great too, they can prevent incidents from happening in gaseous settings in the event that tools are dropped by accident.

Core6 Composites are available in both moulded and pultruded. Due to the sheer number of advantages provided by these products, it has become the case that there is a solution available for just about any set of circumstances.

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