Tread covers are essential for stair safety

Stairs are essential for helping people reach different elevations but by their nature they are hazardous, a slip and fall can result in serious injury or even a fatality in the wrong conditions. One of the best ways to maximise stair safety is to use high quality tread covers that improve slip resistance. Core6 is the brand you should consider if you want durable, hard wearing GRP ones.

Think about the worst case scenario

You need to consider what the worst possible conditions could be when selecting anti-slip grit plates for stairs. An internal staircase may remain dry for the vast majority of the time,however if it is used by the public on a daily basis during periods of adverse weather the floor may become wet and extremely dangerous. Unfortunately you can’t predict when wet weather or a spill will happen, therefore, anti-slip materials should be in place at the outset. Better to be safe rather than sorry after-all.

Outdoor settings can be the most hazardous

External staircases will always require a higher level of slip protection than internal ones. This is because they are vulnerable to elements such as rain, snow, and ice. In these settings the tread covers need to function effectively even in the worst of weather.

Factor in potential contamination

It is vital to take the potential presence of contaminants into consideration. Spillages can happen very easily, increasing the hazards in the process. The grit plates should be able to provide suitable slip-resistance and not get worn away quickly by the contaminants.

The great thing about Core6 GRP tread covers is they are highly visible, durable, and easy to install, this makes them perfect for use in all kinds of indoor and outdoor applications. The fact that they are used in hazardous settings such as offshore and in chemical processing plants shows how well they will perform.

If you have any concerns about staircase safety these materials could certainly help improve things. You can contact us to discuss your needs and find out more about why you should invest in Core6 GRP rather than other materials.