Fixing composites

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) has an outstanding strength to weight ratio, placing it ahead of many other materials. This is due to the mesh of glass fibres encased in plastic. One important thing to keep in mind with many composites is that damage to the surface layer can expose the inner core, in some cases this can result in accelerated deterioration and failure.

The surface layer of a composite can be damaged in many ways including scratches during handling and storage. The most problematic is finishing and construction processes such as drilling fixings and fittings into the material. The drill bit cuts through the protective layer into the core. This can leave the edges of the hole unprotected.

At Core6 Composites we understand the risks of damage to GRP and we have developed a range of solutions to help with minimising these. In our selection of accessories you will find different clamps and clips that can negate the need to drill holes meaning the material will remain without vulnerable points.

If drilling is necessary and there are no other options we can offer fixings with caps. These keep the entire hole covered and effectively redirect moisture and other elements away from the area. They are durable, holding their shape well and making them good for use on walkways and other systems.

When you purchase GRP products from Core6 Composites we can discuss your fittings requirements in detail. We will provide great advice and support, working to ensure you get the right solution for your needs.

To find out more simply contact us. We will be happy to advise you on any topic, whether it is use of composite, fixing them, or after-care.