Why choose Core6 anti slip treads?

A crucial aspect of stair safety is ensuring that individual treads have minimal risk of slipping and are as visible as possible. This is true whether the stairs are made from concrete, timber, or even steel. It is vital to think about how to maximise slip resistance and visibility from the outset, especially considering what will happen as materials wear over time and become smoother.

For existing stairways, the easiest solution is to install specially developed grit plates or tread covers. These can be added to treads of all shapes and sizes. They simultaneously improve visibility and grip, even when wet.

One of the key benefits of choosing high quality GRP grit plate or tread cover products is they can offer very high wear resistance. This means that they can remain in place protecting staircase treads for a long period of time, even if exposed to high foot traffic and excessive moisture. As a result they are perfect for all kinds of industrial needs and suitable for both interior and exterior settings.

Core6 Composites is one of the leading stockists of GRP grit plates and tread covers, they are light, slip resistant, and highly durable. The material is resistant to corrosion and most chemicals.

The range of plates and covers we offer is extensive, including a selection of colours so it should be easy to maximise visibility. The performance of the materials is unparalleled and we work hard to deliver consistent quality.

If you would like to find out more please get in touch with the Core6 Composites team. We can discuss the benefits of using GRP for improving slip resistance and achieving various crucial safety requirements.