GRP – A better solution for the rail industry

John Bell Pipeline concentrates considerable effort into supplying clients with our high-class Core6 GRP products. We cover a multitude of markets in the UK, including rail and chemical processing. What we aim to give these industries are sturdy and cost effective solutions that will serve users for years to come.

Glass reinforced plastic is now a conventional construction product that’s utilised in all sorts of industries. With this being the case, it’s time that the rail industry had a look at the stout and protean composite. When compared to classical materials, GRP offers substantial enhancements over each of them. Additionally, it also improves maintenance requirements, resulting in long term cost savings.

Maintain your grip

Shifting heavy, hazardous, or large goods between locations is a regular occurrence in the majority of rail settings. As a result, it’s essential that the flooring you employ comes with the utmost grip.

Aside from being dangerous, on-site slips and falls can pave the way for lengthy and pricey litigation. Metal and concrete surfaces tend to become slippery when wet. GRP on the other hand has much higher slip resistance and can feature a grit finish to reduce the risk of an accident even further.

Countering pooling

GRP’s mesh composition is another reason why it lends itself perfectly to the rail industry. A flat flooring surface might seem like the go to choice for most projects, however should a spillage happen, then pooling could be the result, which can cause a hazard. We can offer GRP as an open mesh grating allowing liquids to drain through, preventing pooling and therefore allowing business to continue as normal.

The perfect characteristics

The great thing about using GRP for rail applications is the beneficial characteristics. The material is durable, lightweight, UV resistant, chemical resistant, and also non-conductive. This means it is safe for use near electrified train lines and it won’t detoriorate due to exposure.

There are a number of different Core6 products to choose from including GRP grating, fencing and handrails. You can use the composites in such areas as footbridges, platforms, access systems, and bridge parapets.

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