Using Core6 GRP grating solutions to create roof walkways

Many buildings have roof walkways to allow people to safely make their way around the surface. The idea is that the walkway will bear the weight of the individuals rather than the roofing materials. This in turn saves the surface from damage and minimises replacement requirements. GRP grating solutions make outstanding walkways, delivering increased safety and longevity.

Catering for different roof layouts

The great thing about grating solutions is they can suit a wide array of different criteria, for example they could be narrow or wide to suit the scale of the roof and the number of people expected to be working on the surface. In addition they could include risers or even stairs to account for changes in height. This makes it easier to navigate obstacles such as ventilation pipes or gutters.

Walkways made of grating can feature handrails to boost safety. This is even more straightforward when using GRP because the material is easier to fabricate and cut than many metals. No special tools are required and adjustments can be made on site if required.

Dealing with the elements

The big issue walkways have to contend with is the exposure. On the roof there is no shelter from the elements, whether it is rain, snow, or UV rays. Some materials would wear away quickly as a result. Fortunately glass reinforced plastic has very useful characteristics. The composite is corrosion and UV resistant. More importantly it is slip resistant, featuring a grit finish that will provide excellent traction even when wet. The open grid allows water to drain away quickly, preventing pooling and the risk of freezing and becoming icy.


One thing many people worry about in regards to roof walkways is the weight. This could cause a number of concerns. Fortunately GRP grating systems are up to 75% less dense than steel. This means a lower load on the roof, walls, and foundations.

John Bell Pipeline offers high quality Core6 GRP grating solutions that can be made into roof walkways. Our Core6 Composites products are market leaders, combining excellent performance with good aesthetics and benefits such as easy installation.

If you would like any advice about choosing GRP for your roof walkways, please contact us.