It is easy to install high quality GRP grating panels

Core6 GRP grating panels are useful for a wide array of different applications. For example they are suitable for industrial flooring, access platforms, trench covers, stairs, and even fencing. The material provides the perfect combination of characteristics to suit these requirements, including high strength and low weight.

Fast installation

One of the biggest advantages of the grating panels is the fact that they come pre-fabricated. As a result it should be simpler to install them when they arrive on site, even in tricky settings. The products are lightweight, making it easier to physically handle them.

A major benefit of using GRP instead of materials like steel is it is easy to cut, allowing additional fabrication. Therefore finishing such as drilling holes is possible on-site. This saves a great deal of time and also means that no specialist tools are needed to complete the installation.

In industrial settings deadlines can be very strict to keep disruption and potential losses to a minimum. Any delays with the installation of infrastructure such as platforms, stairs and fencing can cause big problems, this is far less likely with made to measure GRP panels.

Covered or uncovered?

GRP grating panels can come in both variants. Uncovered options are great for use in external settings and areas where there is high moisture. This is because the open grid prevents moisture from pooling, instead allowing it to drain away efficiently. In addition the composite can come with a slip resistant finish to make it safer to walk on.

Covered panels are great for use on flooring and other applications where an open grid would not be suitable. The design means they have the same impressive characteristics as uncovered panelling, including strength and lightweight, with the benefit of a finish with no openings.

The perfect product for every application

John Bell Pipeline offers the highest quality GRP products with our Core6 Composites range. We can offer options to suit almost any requirement and always aim to deliver the utmost value. Not surprisingly our products are appreciated by clients from a multitude of different industries.

Whatever your needs, you can rely on us to supply GRP grating panels that will last and require little in terms of maintenance. Contact us today to discuss your needs.