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Why should you choose GRP for quarrying?

Quarrying is one of the most demanding industries in the entire world. It is responsible for producing important resources for use in all kinds of applications. The issue is that there are lots of hazards. The dust, dirt, moisture as well as vibrations can put people on site at risk. The key to addressing the risks is to ensure the right safety systems are in place, including walkways, handrails, grating, and also tread covers. JBP stocks all of these products and more. We are proud to offer the very best GRP for quarrying. Continue reading

How can we combat the increasing composite waste levels?

JBP offers high quality Core6 GRP composites. For years, we’ve supplied what people consider a premier product. Therefore we have built a wonderful reputation, broad knowledge, and extensive experience. As a result, when you order from us you are getting the absolute finest in composite handrail, walkway, stair tread covers, and platform grating solutions. Continue reading

Progress is being made with GRP recycling

Thanks to our knowledge and resources, Core6 GRP has become more than just a simple material. It is now one of the most widely used commodities in the construction industry. Traditionally, people would ask for aluminium or steel, however, due to the demand for site fixing, erosion resistance, easy handling, and weight saving, more individuals are choosing the composite. Continue reading

Tackling a big problem in the rail industry

In recent years there have been a number of cases of metal thefts affecting the rail infrastructure in the UK. The high price of metals is causing criminals to target cabling and other metal items because of their scrap values. The thefts result in millions of pounds of losses every year and big delays for travellers. Continue reading

Non conductivity is vital in rail settings

In the UK the process of electrifying the railways began in the 19th century. The idea was to modernise the infrastructure to improve speeds and efficiency as well as reducing track wear. Overhead lines and the third rail system now account for around 40% of the entire rail network. There are also plans to expand this even further in the future. This could create more demand for reliable non-conductive materials. Luckily JBP offers high quality GRP for the rail industry. The composite offers many important benefits. Continue reading

Using Core6 GRP grating solutions to create roof walkways

Many buildings have roof walkways to allow people to safely make their way around the surface. The idea is that the walkway will bear the weight of the individuals rather than the roofing materials. This in turn saves the surface from damage and minimises replacement requirements. GRP grating solutions make outstanding walkways, delivering increased safety and longevity. Continue reading

GRP’s greatness lies in its strength

JBP are highly respected for providing top of the range products. Our Core6 Composites, GRP grating in particular, have become a favourite amongst businesses in the construction sector. Many professionals consider it a key component in projects. Available in two distinct forms and with a diverse range of useful features, you won’t want to miss out on the opportunities using these materials provides. Continue reading

GRP requires very little maintenance

Businesses need to be careful with their operating costs, ensuring they are feasible and not likely to cause cash flow issues. A good maintenance plan can help as it will reduce the risk of costly bills for repairs. Choosing materials that require less upkeep is wise. Core6 GRP is perfect in this regard. Continue reading