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Core6 GRP grating is a much safer alternative to metal variants

Our company is one that prides itself on being able to offer its clients high calibre Core6 GRP grating and associated products. Manufactured using the finest materials, our products are built to be both strong and safe. With our extensive knowledge and design capabilities, we’re confident that we can help you to find the right product for your application. Continue reading

Core6 GRP products delivered quickly

The most incredible thing about Core6 GRP is its durability. The composite is made of plastic and glass fibres, ensuring it is very strong whilst still being lightweight. There are no worries about corrosion as the materials are rust proof. In addition they also perform well in different temperatures and when exposed to various chemicals. Continue reading

Why choose Core6 anti slip treads?

A crucial aspect of stair safety is ensuring that individual treads have minimal risk of slipping and are as visible as possible. This is true whether the stairs are made from concrete, timber, or even steel. It is vital to think about how to maximise slip resistance and visibility from the outset, especially considering what will happen as materials wear over time and become smoother. Continue reading

Fixing composites

Glass reinforced plastic (GRP) has an outstanding strength to weight ratio, placing it ahead of many other materials. This is due to the mesh of glass fibres encased in plastic. One important thing to keep in mind with many composites is that damage to the surface layer can expose the inner core, in some cases this can result in accelerated deterioration and failure. Continue reading